Mark Weis, MD grew up in Manhattan, Kansas,  graduated from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in 1991 and has practiced family and urgent care medicine since that time, including volunteering at numerous free community health clinics, participating in many international medical mission efforts, and serving his country as a civilian physician with the United States Army.

Dr. Weis is the miraculous survivor of a malignant brain tumor diagnosed in 1999.  Given almost no hope of recovery from this lethal disease, his miraculous healing was made possible through the grace of God our Father, prayer support from countless friends and family across the country, and the incredible skill and care provided by a cadre of physicians in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Mark Weis, MD is the father of two wonderful Christian children: Wilson, age 19, a college sophomore, and Caroline, age 17, a high school junior.  His sister, Stephanie Grynkiewicz and her husband Ross, are members of First Lutheran of Manhattan, KS and are the proud parents of two of his most ardent supporters, Joshua Grynkiewiecz and Samantha Grynkiewicz. His brother, Ted Weis, and his wife Cherie reside in Scottsdale, Arizona, and have two beautiful Christian daughters, Isabella and Julia. 

Dr. Weis wishes to thank Tate Publishing for providing him the opportunity to make his authorial debut, and his parents, Jerry and Linda Weis, for serving as Christian role models and providing the endless support that made Lead Me Into Temptation and Over the Edge possible.

Mark Weis, MD




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